In April 2008 I co-founded TimeLess Design Automation, which is developing a new ASIC flow that enables designers to automatically generate asynchronous circuits just like ASIC flows that are already available for the synchronous counterparts. The company specializes on CAD tool design and VLSI implementations that apply to the development of asynchronous digital circuits. This helps our circuits achieve much higher performance and lower power than conventional synchronous circuit techniques. In August 2010 TimeLess Design Automation was acquired by Fulcrum Microsystems. I continued to improve and enhance the CAD flow that was developed as part of TimeLess. I also got involved in physical design both from the full-custom and ASIC side of things as part of the latest tapeout effort for the company. In September 2011 Fulcrum Microsystems became part of the Intel Corporation LAN Access Division. Additionally I have spent 7.5 years doing digital hardware design both for FPGA and ASIC developement for Telecommunications systems, specializing in Error Correcting Code decoders particularly for Turbo and Turbo-Like codes.



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